Summing up what Redeemer believes and practices is a difficult undertaking. The best thing we can do is invite you to come, to taste and see, by worshipping with us or visiting one of our small groups. Otherwise, here is our best shot!


We are gospel centered. We believe it is God's sovereign initiative and grace that finds us like lost sheep and brings us into the family of God. You will hear much about Christ's work on behalf of his beloved church at Redeemer. 


We believe the Bible. We believe it has power to change us and equip us for every good work in this life. We believe it is exactly what God wants us to know and understand about him and how to love him and one another. 


We are winsomely reformed. We are historical united to the great truths that spurred the Reformation in the 1500's but were in the works of many great saints beforehand. We believe the church must always reform herself according to God's Word to know Christ, be like Him, and serve our world. We try to do so in a loving, charitable, and appealing manner. 


We believe God is sovereign and we are responsible to pray and depend upon his Spirit to work in us and through us. One way we do this is by praying about everything in the life of our church, city, and world. 


We care about our city. We want to plant roots and be a blessing to each other, our neighbors, our coworkers, and our place. We think God has wired Redeemer to best do this through small groups and discipleship. We want the gospel and the Bible to permeate our church as we enjoy God together.


We are covenantal. We believe God's promises are to his church, both those born into the church through the Holy Spirit and those born into church families. Infant baptism can be a confusing subject for many so we don't require it for membership and are happy to patiently and lovingly walk through it with those wrestling with it.  


For more details on our church beliefs, please see our denominational page, the Presbyterian Church in America